College Mentor Job Description

Serve as the gatekeeper for your Scholar’s scholarship funds

Work with your student to create a budget and determine how s/he will use the scholarship funds in the coming year. Complete payment request forms.

Monitor your Scholar’s progress

Work with your Scholar to make sure that transcripts are submitted each semester, and the scholarship renewal is submitted each year.

Serve as a source of support, advice and resource for your Scholar

Get to know your Scholar through meetings, email, and phone calls. Help him/her find resources that can meet his/her needs.

Assist your scholar with preparing to find a job

Review resume and cover letters, practice interviewing, and help find an internship.

Mentors must attend a New Mentor Training (two hours in May). Monthly contact (email, phone) with student is suggested, and several face-to-face meetings per year as possible. More contact may be needed in first year and weeks prior to freshman year to help students set up budgets and identify other transitional needs.
A multi-year (4-5yrs) commitment.

AVID College Prep Mentor Job Description

The role of a  College Prep Mentor is to support one or two AVID high school juniors or seniors in:

  1. creating a “smart” college list,
  2. completing college applications,
  3. editing his/her college essays, and
  4. applying for scholarships and financial aid.

These mentors will meet once a week with their students throughout the school year during an AVID class period. Additional meetings may be needed to meet deadlines as the year progresses. The mentors will have the support of the AVID teachers, College and Career counselors, and the MVLA Scholars Program.

College Prep mentoring is done both at LAHS and MVHS. No college counseling experience is necessary. Training at each high school campus will be provided by experienced college counseling professionals.
A one year commitment.