Our grants provide “Gap Funding” – the difference between the cost of education and what a student receives in both grants (federal, state and private) and student loans. Funds are primarily used for tuition, room and board, books and supplies. Funds may also be used for living expenses or a computer. The recipient awards range from $2000 to $6000 per year.

One-on-one college mentoring

Our mentors work closely with their Scholars. The mentors help the Scholars set budgets, advise them on academic concerns and how to manage their time. They assist the Scholars with internship/job search, and provide support and encouragement.

AVID College Prep Mentoring

This program, initiated in 2010, mentors the AVID high school juniors and seniors from Los Altos High and Mountain View High through the college, financial aid and scholarship application processes and helps guide the students to make college decisions that take into consideration both their academic and financial concerns. It also helps us get to know our potential scholars better so we can identify those students who would most benefit from our program. We have more than 60 mentors and four volunteer experienced college counselors that run this program. Many of our AVID College Prep mentors continue on as college mentors for the students who are selected for our scholarships.

Community of Support

We create a community of students and adults dedicated to helping our Scholars achieve their academic goals. Our founding assumption is that with the confidence of the community behind them, our Scholars are more likely to succeed. This community is created through several training workshops and social events for both Scholars and mentors, and through regular newsletters.