How To Apply

The Scholars program is part of the local Common Scholarship Application that is shared with the Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Mountain View Chamber of Commerce, and Quota Club. You need only complete one application to apply to all of these scholarship groups.

The 2019 Common Scholarship Application is now available and is due by March 1, 2019. You will need to include two letters of recommendation and an official transcript.

How to Renew

Scholarships are renewable for four years (or more, by special application), based on academic progress and academic record. All Scholars who seek continued funding must complete a renewal request, which includes a short essay and information about your course of study. Your mentor must also submit a recommendation on your behalf. Renewal Packets for 2019/20 are due May 29, 2019.

Click here for the Renewal Application for Scholars. Click here for the Renewal Application for Mentors.

Supplemental Scholarships for Internships

Research has repeatedly shown that it is essential for college students to have work experience in a job related to their major in order to have career success after college. We encourage all of our scholars to work at one or more internships before they graduate. Since not all organizations have the resources to pay their interns adequately, MVLA Scholars may be able to offer supplemental scholarships. To apply for this supplemental scholarship, follow the steps below.

Step One. Apply for an internship.
• Update your resume and send it to japence @ (without spaces) to be reviewed.
• Investigate and interview for internships. If you need assistance finding an internship and/or would like to practice a mock interview, please email japence @ (without spaces).

Step Two. After you have an internship, apply for the Supplemental Scholarship.
• Submit a paragraph with a general description of the internship position to jobs_mvlacs @ (without spaces). Please copy your mentor.
• If your internship fits the criteria, we will instruct you to complete the Internship Proposal Form. This form must be submitted by your supervisor.
• At the completion of your internship, you must submit an Internship Report, and your supervisor must submit the Supervisor Evaluation Form.
• Once the reports have been received and reviewed, the supplemental scholarship check will be awarded.